RMT confront ISS agency over lockout

July 9, 2014 in News, Protest, Video

RMT members supported by the National Shop Stewards Network go to ISS corporate headquarters in Canary Wharf. ISS has imposed fingerprinting and biometric scanning on their workforce of cleaners on the London Underground. After a lawful ballot for industrial action RMT ISS members have refused to comply with the scanners when clocking on to work. In response ISS have sacked one cleaner and sent others home. The RMT went to ISS HQ to demand answers for this behaviour.

Tubeworker John Reid victimized over February strike (repost)

March 14, 2014 in Appeals, News, Strikes

John Reid, President of the RMT’s London Transport regional council, has been suspended from his work pending investigation following a complaint against him made while he was carrying out his lawful duties on the picket line in the February strike to defend jobs and ticket offices. A rumour has been started by persons unknown that John was arrested on the picket line and engaged in abusive behaviour. This is not the case. The NSSN extends it’s full support to John Reid. We urge our readers and supporters to send messages of support to the address below. Please send messages of support […]