358: Tory Party demo, Black History Month & NSSN Solidarity Forum

September 27, 2017 in Bulletins

  In this week’s NSSN bulletin, we headline some major events for your diary. On Sunday, thousands of trade unionists and anti-cuts activists will be heading to Manchester for the People’s Assembly demonstration outside the Tory Party Conference. We also have an article about Black History Month starting on October 1st in its 30th year, which we encourage our supporters to take part in. We also advertise a forum that we are putting on in Birmingham on Saturday October 21st to discuss how we build support and solidarity for fight to scrap the public sector pay cap and the other […]

NSSN 262: #KillTheBill Demo outside Tory Party conference

September 30, 2015 in Bulletins

Text from NSSN leaflet that will be given out on Sunday’s TUC demonstration in Manchester:- As new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said, the Tories have declared war on trade unions and their members. After being the 200-1 outsider, surely no-one now believes the odds are too great to take on Cameron and co? Their Trade Union Bill is a continuation of Thatcher’s brutal anti-union laws. Despite the propaganda that says unions are finished, this Bill shows that the Tories recognise that with over 6million members, they are still potentially the most powerful barrier to Osborne’s cuts. That’s why it’s […]