Solidarity with PCS striking on Budget day!

March 19, 2013 in Press Releases, Reports, Strikes

As the CONDEM government look to further shift wealth to the rich and leave more and more of us literally gasping for breath as we try to make ends meet, we are proud to express our support and solidarity with the PCS members who will be taking strike action tomorrow over pay, pensions and terms and conditions. The government has refused to negotiate so more action is planned on the 5th of April with half day walkouts.  When the chancellor stands up to deliver his budget, PSC members will be protesting across the UK, with rallies including one just meters away, outside Parliament from […]

116 – Selling off everything we own?

November 8, 2012 in Bulletins

Over the course of the last few years the public sector has faced a sustained attack.  Making public sector workers work longer and pay more for less pension.  Imposing a real terms pay cut by freezing pay for two years followed by a 1% pay cap.  Cutting hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs.  Increasing the rate of outsourcing and privatisation as we’ve seen with the handing of sections of the NHS to the private sector such as the hospitals now run by the Virgin Group.  But just when we thought that almost everything that could be cut already had […]

TCL Miners protest over Pensions in Namibia

November 8, 2012 in International, Reports, Strikes

On Wednesday (7 Nov), Former workers for TCL in Namibia started their demonstrations outside the court in the capital Windhoek demanding the restoration of their missing pension funds. Click for march pictures   Initial reports indicate continued obstruction by the authorities. The workers have followed all correct procedures, but the police are trying to prevent them from demonstrating. In response, the workers arranged for TV and press reporters to cover the issue.   Police threatened to arrest the demonstrators and the demonstrators were prepared to defend their right to demonstrate. Things nearly came to a head about five in the evening, […]