Mass Protest at Hovis this morning & Strike Fund Needed

September 18, 2013 in Appeals, News, Reports, Strikes

 Mass protest at the Hovis bakery in Wigan on 18 September blocked the delivery trucks from leaving the plant for hours, for the second time in three days. Bakers are on strike against Hovis bosses’ attempts to casualise the workforce and drive down pay, conditions and job security. Hovis tried to enforce zero-hour contracts through directly-employed staff. The first 7-day strike led to that being withdrawn and those affected given full-time permanent jobs. The current 7-day strike is because now Hovis wants to use agency staff, which the bakers’ Bfawu union suspects are simply zero-hour contracts by the back door. Despite […]

When a deadline is not a deadline, One is NOT amusing!

December 19, 2012 in Reports, Strikes

In the last week 250 workers from One Support, an arm of the One Housing Group (OHG) have had letters from their company asking them to sign a new contracts by the 20th Dec which would see cuts of up to £8,000 per worker. The implication was that if they didn’t sign, they would no longer have a job. This caused huge panic and upset to those workers and their families at an already, financially stressful time of the year. A time of year that is seeing workers overall face a £4.1billion Christmas debt. The amount that is being borrowed […]