NSSN 263: National Gallery victory, Kill The Bill action Oct 13

October 7, 2015 in Bulletins

NSSN 263: PCS National Gallery victory, Tory Party demo & TUCG #KillTheBill protest Oct 13 The NSSN salutes the workers at the National Gallery and their union PCS as they return to work after over 100 days of strike action. The agreement includes the reinstatement of PCS rep Candy Udwin. This is a fantastic victory that can inspire all workers as we face more Tory cuts and their Trade Union Bill. We have given full support to the strike, including having Candy address our annual conference in July, where a financial collection was taken. From PCS website: Agreement reached to […]

NSSN 258: Reinstate sacked Royal Mail rep John Vasey now!

September 2, 2015 in Appeals, Bulletins

John Vasey, a CWU postal rep in Wakefield, West Yorkshire has been sacked on what his work colleagues recognise as stitched up charges. John was suspended by Royal Mail during the general election on allegations connected with the non-delivery of election material. Since John’s suspension, the Wakefield office has been run by an increasingly threatening management, who have driven through cutbacks placing unmanageable workloads on a reduced number of postal workers. John, with 25 years’ service has good support from fellow workers and the CWU in his battle for reinstatement. Currently awaiting an appeal, his reinstatement campaign is gathering pace […]

NSSN 257: London Tubeworkers force bosses to move!

August 26, 2015 in Bulletins

Tube unions have suspended the latest two planned 24-hour strikes this week in their dispute over night-time running. They and their members will decide if any new offer from London Underground/TfL is sufficient to settle but it’s clear that the action that has already twice brought London to a halt has forced management to move. Whatever happens next – and more strikes are planned in September if necessary – all workers should take confidence from this struggle. Action does get results. This is particularly important as the Tories look to roll out a new wave of cuts and their anti-union […]

NSSN 255: National Gallery strike goes indefinite!

August 11, 2015 in Bulletins

From PCS website: First day of National Gallery all-out strike “stronger than ever” (11 August) – Indefinite strike action by PCS members at the National Gallery against privatisation and victimisation started today, 11 August. The members, who first walked out in February over plans to privatise visitor and security services, have already taken a total of 55 days’ action. The action is being escalated because the gallery has brought forward the announcement of the appointment of private security firm Securitas to manage the visitor-facing and security services on a 5-year contract reportedly worth £40million.   About 300 gallery assistants who guard […]

NSSN 251: Strike Together against Tory anti-union laws

July 15, 2015 in Bulletins

If anyone had any doubts about the power of the organised working-class, the incredible strikes on London Underground and First Great Western by tube and railworkers’ unions last week were a tremendous demonstration of what the unions can do if they take determined action. The NSSN salutes the strikes as well as the co-ordinated Budget Day strikes by workers in the National Gallery, Barnet, Bromley, the protests against victimisation at Sotheby’s and the Youth Against Austerity mobilisations by Youth Fight for Jobs. But it also wasn’t lost on the Tories. They have now outlined their vicious anti-union laws in the […]

247: March against austerity on Saturday…prepare to strike back!

June 17, 2015 in Bulletins

The National Shop Stewards Network is calling on all its supporters and affiliates to attend the People’s Assembly national anti-austerity protest this Saturday June 20th in London. This march needs to be as big as possible to send a clear message to the Tories that there will be mass opposition to their planned new swathe of cuts that Osborne will announce in the July 8th budget. It is no accident that at the same time that austerity is ramped up, this fat cat government is bringing in new anti-union laws. They understand perhaps better than many in the union movement […]

240: Celebrate 125th May Day

April 29, 2015 in Bulletins

Youth Fight for Jobs is sending solidarity and May Day greetings in this week’s NSSN e-bulletin. “May 1st is International Workers’ Day. This year, let’s make it £10/hr day! Youth Fight for Jobs, the BFAWU Bakers’ Union and others in the Fast Food Rights   campaign encourage trades councils to put raising the minimum wage to £10/hr (now TUC policy) at the heart of your May Day celebrations. We want to reach the entire trade union movement with that message. Young people are the future of the trade unions. Fighting for a living wage we can ACTUALLY live on & an […]

228: National Gallery strike, stop privatisation & union victimisation!

February 4, 2015 in Bulletins

From PCS website (3 Feb): Pickets braved the London snow on the first morning of our five-day strike over privatisation at the National Gallery. The well-supported action followed news yesterday that one of our senior reps there, and a member of our team in the talks at Acas, had been suspended by senior managers. In a “disproportionate act of unfathomable bad faith” the gallery suspended Candy Udwin, alleging a breach of commercial confidentiality. We maintain our reps have a legitimate right to ask officials to raise these questions on what is a matter of strong public interest. We are asking […]