From Italy: solidarity to London bus workers!

January 14, 2015 in International

We workers in local public transport and from the National Coordinating Committee of Local Public Transport Workers would like to express our full solidarity with your struggle. In Italy we are experiencing the same problems.  Our national contract has not been renewed for years, our wages have stagnated and governments of all political persuasion carry out policies of cuts and privatisation at the expense of workers. In September some of us participated in a video conference with a Greek transport worker who explained to us how public transport in Athens is being dismantled. We believe that international solidarity between workers […]

NSSN 224: 2015 opens up with mass London bus strike!

January 7, 2015 in Bulletins

On Tuesday January 13th, over 27,000 London busworkers in Unite will be going on strike across the capital. The NSSN sends solidarity to these workers and their union. One of the workers explains why they are taking action:- “Since 1994/95 when London Buses were privatised we have seen attacks on our pay and terms and conditions by operating companies eager to increase profits at any cost.  The last seven years have been the most ruthless with bus workers having to endure miniscule pay ‘rises’ which in real terms have led to pay cuts due to inflation.  We arrive at our […]