Victory for Kone Strikers!

June 1, 2015 in News

The escalation of strike action across the country by around 300 engineering service workers has thwarted attempts by bosses from Kone using a tracking system as a disciplinary tool.   The Finnish owned company were intent on using unreliable “spy in the cab” technology.  In one case the data showed that an engineer was supposed to have driven over 1000 miles in one day without refuelling!   Previously Kone management had walked away from negotiations, which had angered workers given that it was Kone who had approached ACAS in the first place.   The Unite rep from Gateshead’s Team Valley […]

Gateshead Kone workers step up action

May 26, 2015 in Appeals

Kone workers on the Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead have escalated their action from a series of one day strikes to a two week all-out stoppage.  The strikers all feel this has been necessary because of the company’s lack of commitment to finding a settlement.   Unite have urged the bosses of the Finnish owned company to, “knock heads together” of their UK company. The dispute is about ensuring a tracking system, known as VAMS, is not used as a disciplinary tool by management.   Strikers on the picket line have explained how unreliable this system is.  In one case VAMS […]

Support the Gateshead Barbour 4-week strike

January 9, 2015 in Appeals

Workers from Barbour’s Gateshead warehouse are on four weeks of strike action against the imposition of changes to their terms and conditions. On Friday 9 January around 100 strikers and supporters from the FBU, Unison, BFAWU bakers union and others participated in a march to Barbour’s South Tyneside HQ. One of the strikers commented that support for the strike was outstanding. He went on to say that Barbour management keep saying that the workers have been dragged into this action by Unite the union. Today’s demo clearly shows this is not the case. On the march the unions banner stated: […]