No.149 – What next after the NSSN conference?

July 4, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, Reports, Strikes

NSSN e-bulletin 149 – What next after the NSSN conference? At last September’s TUC conference, ‘Motion 5’ from the POA prison officers’ union was overwhelmingly passed. It called on the trade union movement to consider the “practicalities of a general strike” against the ConDems’ austerity offensive. The NSSN organised a lobby of the TUC conference, which saw up to 1000 union activists descend on Brighton to let their views be known about the type of mass co-ordinated strike action that is necessary to force Cameron and co back. Yet almost a year later, that resolution still sits on the TUC […]

Fight the Ford Closure

April 19, 2013 in Reports

Ford’s closure plans have angered workers in East London. Workers from Ford’s Dagenham Stamping & Tooling Operations plant finished their night shift and descended on Ford’s UK headquarters as Unite convenors from around the country met management on 18 April for a Ford National Joint Negotiating Committee (FNJNC). A consultative ballot for strike action gained an 81% yes vote from the Unite tool makers at the plant, since Fords announced the closure of the plant and a strike ballot is now proceeding. Vince Passfield, Deputy Regional Secretary of Unite told the NSSN that Ford’s simultaneous closures of two UK plants […]

No. 138 Wearing Red & Seeing Red – Lobby TUC

April 18, 2013 in Bulletins, Reports, Strikes

It’s sad when someone dies but it was difficult not to celebrate or mark the death of Thatcher yesterday by wearing red or with action and discussion. As Thatcher ended her life in the extortionately priced Ritz hotel in London, it was revealed that she had also been given huge amounts of our money. And whilst care, social services & our NHS, which many other elderly people will need and use particularly at the end of their life, are being hammered, it particularly rubs salt into the wounds. An estimated £10million was paid out for yesterday’s funeral when we have […]

ConDems ratchet up class war – We need a GENERAL STRIKE!

April 4, 2013 in Bulletins, Reports, Strikes

ConDems ratchet up class war –  We need a GENERAL STRIKE! The beginning of this month marks a step change in Con-Dem attacks on all workers. Class war has been ratcheted up, with the charge cynically led by Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) on £134,000 a year and living in a rent-free mansion. New Coalition welfare rules will see the poorest face swingeing cuts; the disabled penalised even more; and to top it all, cuts to housing benefit for the “crime” of having a so-called spare bedroom will kick in. If they get away with all this then the next step […]

‘Serious attacks require serious action!’

March 28, 2013 in Bulletins, Reports, Strikes

As NUT conference is set to begin this weekend, we have given over the start of our bulletin to NSSN steering Committee Martin Powell-Davis (also NUT NEC) on the conference and important plans that need to be made to step up the fight against cuts. NUT Conference 2013 meets to debate how best to defend teachers at a time when our members, and education as a whole, are under fierce attack. The NUT has a huge responsibility to use our strength to push back a Government determined to drive through its agenda of cuts and privatisation. If teachers go out […]

No. 134 Solidarity action – “We need a General Strike”

March 22, 2013 in Bulletins, Remploy, Reports, Strikes

Solidarity action?  “Let’s call it by its proper name – we need a general strike” Boooo! That was the response from the 500-strong rally of PCS strikers to the appearance of Tory Chancellor George Osborne on the big screen outside parliament. While he lied and spun his way to making more cuts, inspiring speeches were made by striking workers and labour movement leaders. First time striker John represented the caterers in the House of Lords. On the picket line supporters heard that caterers are on £900 a month while Lords members get £300 a month for ‘subsistence’ just for turning […]

PCS Budget day Strike reports

March 22, 2013 in Reports, Strikes

March 20th PCS strike against austerity on Budget day – Reports from the pickets and rallies Central London – Once again central London is dotted everywhere with the yellow and blue of PCS flags and placards. Karen at the Highways Agency thought that as pay packets are hit, more workers will realise that they have no choice but to fight. One picket at the Passport Office said: “I normally hate getting up early but this morning I thought ‘great!’. Strikers felt that the PCS plan of three months of a campaign of action and trying to coordinate with other unions […]

Solidarity with PCS striking on Budget day!

March 19, 2013 in Press Releases, Reports, Strikes

As the CONDEM government look to further shift wealth to the rich and leave more and more of us literally gasping for breath as we try to make ends meet, we are proud to express our support and solidarity with the PCS members who will be taking strike action tomorrow over pay, pensions and terms and conditions. The government has refused to negotiate so more action is planned on the 5th of April with half day walkouts.  When the chancellor stands up to deliver his budget, PSC members will be protesting across the UK, with rallies including one just meters away, outside Parliament from […]

133 – “It’s not about making sense, it’s about making money”

March 14, 2013 in Bulletins, International, Reports, Strikes

The NHS starts our bulletin this week. On Saturday, there is likely to be a big demo in North London to defend Whittington Hospital (see below). Meanwhile, the ConDem attacks are coming into effect soon. Here is a brief piece from NSSN supporter Chris Moore: The Health and Social Care Act – it’s not about making sense, it’s about making money In April, the H&SCA comes into force in England; 65 years after the formation of the NHS, the Coalition government plan to pension it off. The government’s climb down over the act’s competition regulations is a success but the […]

No. 131 Don’t Vote for OR Implement CONDEM cuts!

February 28, 2013 in Bulletins, Reports, Strikes

This week a swathe of Barclays’ top bankers piled up one million pound bonuses each – while low-paid workers like the part-time domestics at Whipps Cross hospital, and many others, face serious pay cuts. Cuts to jobs and services are now so deep that a few months ago leaders of some metropolitan councils warned that further deep cuts would lead to mass social unrest.  Yet despite this, councils are setting budgets for the next year that will see services to the disabled, children and youth slashed.  To their shame Labour councillors all over the country continue to vote through Coalition cuts without […]