Get Planning for November – NSSN Lobby of the TUC

September 12, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, News, Protest, Reports, Strikes, Uncategorized, Video

When we arrived in Bournemouth, I really felt like just getting my shoes off and feeling the sand between my toes and listen to the waves rush towards me.. But me and 8 other members, mostly reps, of our Unite LE1111 branch chose to join the NSSN rally & lobby the TUC for co-ordinated action.(Have a look at the short but excellent video of the indoor rally and outdoor protest, well worth watching & SHARING (Click here to the Video) It’s not that we haven’t got enough to do, but it’s precisely because we have so much on fighting dispute after […]

Bulletin 151 ‘Rings of Fire’

July 18, 2013 in Appeals, Protest, Reports, Strikes

FBU protest goes on NOW – 94% of the public opposes fire cuts in London – and yet the majority of the cuts are to go ahead! These are being piled on to the rest of the Con-Dems’ attacks on the working class, every service which workers rely upon, is under attack or being privatised. The FBU firefighters’ union, has won a reprieve for two of the twelve fire stations in London that Tory mayor Boris Johnson wanted to close. This was the result of months of community campaigning and an overwhelming vote in the public consultation. However, ten stations […]

NSSN Bulletin 146: Let’s Beat the Blacklist & Build a fighting Trade Union movement!

June 13, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, Protest, Reports, Strikes

NSSN Bulletin 146: Let’s Beat the Blacklist & Build a fighting Trade Union movement! Last Monday night’s Panorama laid bare the realities of the employers’ use of blacklists to prevent trade unionists and campaigners working and organising against dangerous and illegal work practises. Among those interviewed were Howard Nolan, Roy Bentham and Frank Morris, victimised Crossrail worker since September 2012. They were able to vividly illustrate the realities and the effects of the blacklist on workers and their families. But now the unions are beginning to act against companies involved in the blacklist: GMB are campaigning against Carillion while Unite […]

Bulletin 145 – Turkey: No option but to Rebel

June 6, 2013 in Bulletins, Protest, Reports, Strikes

Bulletin 145 –  Turkey: No option but to rebel!– A statement from Day-Mer, a Turkish & Kurdish community organisation What is happening in Turkey?  On 27th May 2013, a police escorted demolition team arrived at the Taksim Gezi Park in Istanbul Turkey to flatten the entire park and destroy all the parkland, including the trees. Despite resistance from local people and environmentalist groups, the site was cleared and demolition work proceeded. The police then clashed with protesters who began to occupy the Park. The activists have been camping there for three days in an attempt to stop the destruction. The […]


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EBULLETIN MAY 30th 2013 NO. 144 STATEMENT FROM GREENWICH UNITE TRADE UNION BRANCH ON WOOLWICH ATTROCITY AND SUBSEQUENT EVENTS –  ‘UNITY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST RACISM, DIVISION & TERROR’ Unite 2050 trade union branch totally and without any reservation condemn the senseless and barbaric murder of a serving soldier in a busy street in our community. Our condolences go out to the family of Lee Rigby. This was a barbaric and callous act that has taken a son, husband and father away from his family. We would wish to add our voice to others in saying that there is no place […]