120 – Can they have all the cake & eat it?!

December 6, 2012 in Bulletins, Reports, Strikes

 Bulletin 120 – Can they really have all the cake & eat it? As we face another barrage of cuts from Osborne’s Autumn Statement – a ritualistic exercise in re-cutting the national cake!  The Coalition makes out they’ve got goodies for all – to ease the pain they envisage lasting at least until 2018. The problem is that this year that cake has shrunk. Total wealth (GDP) has actually gone down slightly in 2012; and debt also has not fallen as a share of that smaller cake.  Tory Chancellor Osborne first slices out a huge chunk – because that is […]

Tesco Drivers move to a INDEFINITE Strike 6th Dec!

December 3, 2012 in Reports, Strikes

180 Tesco drivers, members of Unite the union, at the supermarket giant’s distribution hub in Doncaster have announced an indefinite strike from Thursday 6th December, after they voted to reject the latest “completely unsatisfactory” offer to settle the long-running dispute. Having already taken 8 days of strike action, a planned 4-day strike was suspended to allow talks with conciliation service ACAS, but conditions attached to the company’s offer, covering issues from training to sickness leave, would mean substantial cuts to drivers’ redundancy terms and their chances of re-employment. Tesco, not content with £3.8 billion profit last year, transferred their Doncaster […]

Doncaster Drivers go to war with Tesco!

November 10, 2012 in Reports, Strikes

’ve never been on a picket line like it!  An armoured personel carrier and a farmer’s muckspeader blocked the gates to Doncaster Tesco’s depot. Around 150 drivers, members of Unite the union, and their families joined the blockade for photographs as police stopped the traffic and scab deliveries! All were in high spirits as this ‘stunt’ ended another solid three day strike by former Tesco drivers who have been outsourced to Eddie Stobarts (forever now to be known as “Scumbarts”) and face the sack by Christmas. The greedy Tesco bosses, not content with £3.8 billion profit last year, transferred the 186 […]

Bulletin 115 – More dole queues or time to for a 24hr general STRIKE?

November 1, 2012 in Bulletins

“The good news is going to keep coming,” said David Cameron last week in the Commons about the economy. Well, for workers there has been nothing but an avalanche of despair as factories are threatened with closure and companies go into administration. We carry below a report of the campaign at Ford’s Transit plant in Southampton, as the company announced its closure and transfer its work to a newer and lower wage cost plant in Turkey. Bigger profits for Ford, dole queues for workers! This was combined with the announcement of the closure of its stamping plant at Dagenham. Following […]

Tescos – Every sacking helps!

November 1, 2012 in Reports, Strikes

Unite members waved union placards on the picket line saying ‘Tesco – every sacking helps’ as 186 Tesco drivers in Doncaster started a three day strike on Wednesday 31st October against job losses and wage cuts. Tesco, not content with £3.8 billion profit last year, transferred their Doncaster transport workforce in August to Eddie Stobart Ltd (ESL) to cut costs. Then ESL, who’s own drivers are on £2-50 an hour less than the Tesco drivers, on 5 September issued notice of termination of employment, with no promise that the drivers will be re-employed once the 90-days are up. Clearly there […]