340: Support RMT London Bridge 3 & Blackpool needs pay rise: £10 now

May 8, 2017 in Bulletins

RMT members are on strike today at London Bridge after one member was sacked and two others disciplined for intervening to stop a serious assault by a fare-dodger on fellow staff members including one who was pregnant read more RMT on London Bridge strike action in defence of sacked and victimised members (8 May) General Secretary Mick Cash said; “RMT members are solid in their support of the three members at London Bridge who have been subjected to the most appalling miscarriage of justice after a violent incident involving a fare-dodger at the station last autumn. “The union is well […]

BP Tanker drivers at Grangemouth strike report

February 27, 2013 in Reports, Strikes

BP tanker drivers from the Grangemouth oil refinary last week come out in a 72 hour strike action against cuts to pay and pensions. In a militant show of force workers from Unite are determined that they will not back down in a dipute against an obscenely rich company that regularly makes around £1 billion profit per month. The attacks on pensions see some workers threatened with losses of up to £13 000 per year and most workers are also faced with current cuts of £1400 per year to their pay. The dispute arose due to an aviation contract being switched from […]