NSSN 333: Teaching Assistants still fighting in Derby and Durham!

March 21, 2017 in Bulletins

  This week we give an update on the two longstanding struggles of teaching assistants in Derby and Durham against pay cuts of up to 25%, shamefully in both cases by Labour councils. After an incredible dispute that has lasted 10 months and had recently seen strike action go indefinite, Derby City Council has put a new offer on the table, which will now be voted on by the 1,200 Unison members. In Durham, a similarly heroic and resilient campaign of over 12 months, forced the council before Christmas to suspend notices to sack and re-engage 2,700 staff in Unison […]

NSSN 332: March against Racism this Saturday!

March 16, 2017 in Bulletins

  The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) is supporting the ‘Marches against Racism’ this Saturday March 18th in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.   Watch this video of Unison NEC members April Ashley and Hugo Pierre who spoke to the NSSN in a personal capacity on why they will be marching and why workers’ unity against racism and austerity is needed to force back the division whipped up by Trump, UKIP and the Tories. March 18 National Demo: Refugees and Migrants Welcome – Stand Up To Racism, Islamophobia & Anti-Semitism details here on ‘Stand up to Racism’ website London: 12pm, (BBC) […]

NSSN 326: PCS fights Govt attack on DWP job centres and offices

February 1, 2017 in Bulletins

From Katrine Williams – PCS DWP Group Vice President & NSSN Vice-Chair As part of the Tory offensive against the public sector the chancellor has announced a 20% reduction in DWP offices and more job centres to share sites in local authority premises to deliver 30% saving on estates costs. This fits in with the approaching end of the contract with the company which owns the DWP estate. At the beginning of December 2016, there was an announcement of the closure of half the jobcentres in Glasgow. This was met by immediate anger and opposition from PCS members, politicians and […]

NSSN 320: Southern Rail & Derby TAs strikes and #Sheff4Ten demo

December 13, 2016 in Bulletins

Southern Rail strikes Today, members of train drivers’ union ASLEF have started strike action on Southern Rail. This comes after weeks of action by RMT members. ASLEF successfully defeated management’s attempts to yet again undemocratically scupper their strike through court action. The NSSN sends solidarity and support to both unions and we call on our members to support the following days of strikes:- 00:01 Tuesday 13 December to 23:59 Wednesday 14 December (Aslef and RMT drivers’ strike) 00:01 Friday 16 December to 23:59: Friday 16 December (Aslef and RMT drivers’ strike) 00:01 Monday 19 December to 23:59 Tuesday 20 December (RMT […]

NSSN 315: Durham teaching assistants strike back!

November 8, 2016 in Bulletins

Teaching assistants in Durham in Unison and ATL have started their first 48-hour strike today to prevent pay cuts of up to 23%. TAs in Derby have recently been taking strike action against similar cuts to pay. This is an excerpt from the blog Lions of Durham – “This is not action we are taking lightly but we have been forced into it by the Council’s refusal to discuss an alternative to imposing 23% pay cuts for working the same hours or 10% pay cut for working an ADDITIONAL 175.5 hours a year (many TAs are unable to work the […]

NSSN EBULLETIN 152 We’d like to celebrate the birth of.. ;)

July 24, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, News, Reports, Strikes

NSSN EBULLETIN 152 We’d like to celebrate the birth of.. 😉 some more industrial action.. Following a spring of industrial action PCS will be spending the summer months consulting all of its branches on how to take its national campaign forward. In an escalation of the PCS national campaign in support of pay, pensions, jobs, privatisation, terms & conditions & union facility time PCS members were involved in what can only be described (at least metaphorically) as a ‘hot’ spring.  It started with a day of national industrial action on March 20, and continued with further group and national action […]

No. 138 Wearing Red & Seeing Red – Lobby TUC

April 18, 2013 in Bulletins, Reports, Strikes

It’s sad when someone dies but it was difficult not to celebrate or mark the death of Thatcher yesterday by wearing red or with action and discussion. As Thatcher ended her life in the extortionately priced Ritz hotel in London, it was revealed that she had also been given huge amounts of our money. And whilst care, social services & our NHS, which many other elderly people will need and use particularly at the end of their life, are being hammered, it particularly rubs salt into the wounds. An estimated £10million was paid out for yesterday’s funeral when we have […]

No. 130 ‘Its not a crisis, its a con!”

February 21, 2013 in Bulletins, Remploy, Strikes

sort of had to blink a few times, were Unite lobbying Unison at its national HQ on 26th Feb 12.30 to save the Agenda for Change? (NHS workers’ agreements which would mean cuts to pay, terms and opting out of national agreements).  Well yes and no, Unite are lobbying at Unison HQ but it’s the National Staff Council.  Anyway the thing is, it is very possible that one union or several more publicly lobby or challenge others over strategies to fight (or not) against cuts and the ‘need for Austerity’ myth. For Unite members (& the wider community) in Derby, there will […]

Bulletin 129 – “Sorry to break your heart, but we’re not signing!”

February 16, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, Reports, Strikes

(Finally the website and email is back up & running. HUGE thanks to Pete M and others who helped sort this out. We have a bit of a back log of emails ect so bear with us or drop us a call for anything urgent, thanks) Unions are now producing their responses to the TUC’s consultation on the question of a general strike. There is still time for trade unionists to put pressure on their leaders to support the demand for a 24-hour general strike. The need for co-ordinated action against the bosses and their government grows larger every day. […]

NSSN weekly bulletin 125

January 17, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, Reports, Strikes

NSSN BULLETIN NO. 124 Hardly have we set foot into the New Year than a barrage of attacks have rained down on workers. It’s as if bosses have acted quickly to get bad news done and dusted before workers have recovered from the festive season. Nearly 9,000 jobs have just gone in HMV, Jessops and Blockbusters, and including those companies like Comet that went bust before Christmas, then overall 16,700 jobs have been slashed in retail. Added to this over 1000 worker at the Honda plant in Swindon are facing mass redundancies. Local authorities like Birmingham and Manchester are adding […]