118 – Workers of the World Unite!

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 In just one week, we can’t even to begin to report & reflect on what’s going on industrially or politically that is affecting us, or will affect us if we don’t fight together and find the best strategy which will push back this government, and their links and interests in big business which is still rich and growing richer. So our apologies in advance, but if you have short reports please send them to us to [email protected] Also post your campaign reports, dispute updates, ideas or question on our facebook pages and tweet at us and with us! Thanks to […]

Stop the Fire Station closures!

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Simon Chapman, Fire Brigades Union secretary, London Borough of Southwark, has posted an excellent detailed report of what the proposed £65 million cuts to frontline fire services will mean for community fire services in London in the TUSC ISN blog. Seventeen London fire stations – Acton, Belsize, Bow, Clapham, Clerkenwell, Downham, Islington, Kensington, Kingsland, Knightsbridge, New Cross, Peckham, Silvertown, Southwark, Westminster, Whitechapel, Woolwich – are threatened with closure. But the closure of these stations only saves £25 million –  a long way short of the £65 million that Boris is demanding. The LFB have produced projections of what a larger […]

Save our Community Services!

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On Monday  19th November at Coopers Hill we held a successful Public Meeting, with 30 people attending. The purpose of the meeting was to publicise the Peoples Consultation and to explain our opposition to the PCT Consultation which is urging people to support proposals to close services at Heatherwood Hospital. Speakers from the platform outlined the reasons for opposing the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit, the Rehab. Ward and the Birthing Centre. Chaired by Val Pearce from DOCS the speakers were Margery Thorogood, Spike Humphrey and Terry Pearce all members of Save Heatherwood Hospital Campaign, the speakers were from […]

Fight the Facility time attacks!

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Workers in the Civil Service are facing an unprecedented attack with pensions, pay, jobs, public services and terms & conditions all under threat.  It surely can’t be coincidence that the government chooses this time to launch proposals to restrict the ability of Civil Service unions to organise in the workplace. Under the ‘Facility Time Framework’ released by the Cabinet Office this month the ability of Civil Service reps to take paid facility time will be drastically reduced and will be restricted to a cap of 0.1% of the pay bill.  The framework states that the default position should be that […]

“We’re not here to sit and complain but to take action forward”: Rank and file NUT members meet in Liverpool

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8 June The following two article’s are from Martin Powell-Davies, branch secretary of Lewisham NUT Local Association and NUT NEC member for inner London. Martin was one of the key organisers of Saturday’s conference. Over 100 NUT delegates gathered in Liverpool on June 16 for the founding Conference of the ‘Local Associations Network’. The Conference was called in response to the failure of the NUT Executive majority to call further national action on pensions since November. Every speech reflected the frustration at the resulting loss of momentum but also a determination to rebuild national action on pensions, pay and conditions. As […]

Locked out MMP workers fight on

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Solid support was decisively demonstrated by the locked out MMP workers for continued action in their dispute. Of 139 papers issued in the secret ballot following a meeting of the workforce in a nearby hotel, 138 voted in favour of rejecting the so-called ‘offer’ by the MMP management. An agreement had been reached only weeks ago between Unite and MMP bosses on M’side to reduce the number of redundancies the firm had at first wanted – from 49 [out of a total of 149 workers] down to 37. To save the 12 jobs workers had made concessions – losing pay […]