Protests in Turkey: Solidarity appeal from Day-Mer

September 12, 2013 in Appeals, International, Press Releases

The following is a statement from Day-Mer, a Turkish and Kurdish community organisation based in London. DAY-MER  was set up on 11 November 1989 to work with and on behalf of Turkish and Kurdish people living and working in London to help them solve their problems and promote their cultural, economic, social and democratic rights; to strengthen solidarity among themselves as well as local people; and to help their integration into the society. We condemn the police violence that has caused the death of Ahmet Atakan from Hatay, Armutlu-Turkey Once again police violence results in another death. Police attack protesters gathered […]

NSSN e-bulletin 158 – Stop cuts – Demand united action – Lobby the TUC for a 24-hour general strike (Sunday 8th September)

September 4, 2013 in Bulletins, International, News, Protest, Reports, Strikes, Video

it would be nuts not to begin without congratulating Frank Morris, sacked electrician and all those involved in supporting the campaign for his re-instatement.  The NSSN has been a longstanding practical supporter with Frank Morris and against blacklisting! (More later in the bulletin and BSG report is already on the website). We have handed over this weeks bulletin narrative to Martin Powell-Davies, Member of the NUT teachers’ union executive and the NSSN steering committee argues FOR a general strike, but Now back to Martin: I might be a physics teacher but it doesn’t take rocket science to work out why the trade union […]

NSSN e-bulletin 157 – One Housing workers to strike again…& join the NSSN lobby of the TUC!

August 29, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, News, Reports, Strikes

NSSN e-bulletin 157 – One Housing workers to strike again…& join the NSSN lobby of the TUC on Sept 8! Unite LE1111 housing workers at One Housing Group will strike for five days starting the 5th of September. Following a four year Pay freeze, One Housing Group management have decided to slash front line worker’s wages by up to 25%. Some of the most skilled and experienced staff will lose £8,000 per year. 180 housing association staff have shown their resolve in the fight against austerity and have given notice of their intention for a third round of strike action […]

NSSN e-bulletin 156 – Mass action can defeat Hunt’s NHS cuts!

August 22, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, News, Reports, Strikes

In Lewisham in south London, triumphant health campaigners’ posters announce: “We’ve won! Justice for Lewisham Hospital.” Local people are celebrating a famous victory. This January health secretary Hunt tried to downgrade Lewisham hospital’s accident and emergency departments and its high risk obstetric department. On 31 July a high court judge ruled that Hunt did not have such legal powers. This was a victory for organised opposition to NHS cutbacks. Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign organised huge marches of 10,000+ last November and of 25,000 in January against this attack on a successful and popular hospital. NHS campaigners know that this isn’t […]

EBulletin 154- Zero tolerance for zero-hour contracts!!

August 7, 2013 in Bulletins, International, News, Protest, Reports, Strikes

  NSSN e-bulletin 154 – Zero tolerance for zero-hour contracts!! Zero-hour contracts have hit the headlines over the last week, with 24,000 (80%) of JD Wetherspoons staff and 20,000 (90%) of Sports Direct all on such contracts. Even Buckingham Palace and the Coalition Government use them! Zero-hour contracts offer no guarantee of hours or pay, and are regularly used to stop people organising at work. Many workers who do try to organise to improve their conditions have their hours cut as punishment. Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) has been campaigning against zero-hour contracts, with protests outside Sports Direct up and down […]

Solidarity with striking Dublin Bus workers

August 7, 2013 in International, News, Strikes

Reprinted from the Irish Socialist Party website Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins and MEP Paul Murphy support the strike action being taken by SIPTU, NBRU and TSSA Dublin Bus workers. Respond to the imposition of cuts in pay premia and conditions by Dublin Bus management on the workers Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy said: “The workers at Dublin Bus face a loss of thousands in overtime payments as well as a radical worsening of conditions if the company’s demands are enforced. It’s no wonder that the ballots for action were so overwhelming. This is simply unaffordable and the workers have […]

NSSN EBULLETIN 152 We’d like to celebrate the birth of.. ;)

July 24, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, News, Reports, Strikes

NSSN EBULLETIN 152 We’d like to celebrate the birth of.. 😉 some more industrial action.. Following a spring of industrial action PCS will be spending the summer months consulting all of its branches on how to take its national campaign forward. In an escalation of the PCS national campaign in support of pay, pensions, jobs, privatisation, terms & conditions & union facility time PCS members were involved in what can only be described (at least metaphorically) as a ‘hot’ spring.  It started with a day of national industrial action on March 20, and continued with further group and national action […]

Turkey solidarity appeal from Day-Mer

July 11, 2013 in Appeals, International

Dear NSSN supporters, I am writing to ask for the support of NSSN, once again, for the people of Turkey against police and state attack on its people. Police attacks and state terror by the Turkish government on its own people is continuing. On Monday, 8th July 2013 members of the public wanted to enter the Gezi Park after it has reopened. At this point for unknown reason police have decided to close the park and arrest 60 people, 35 of them who are representives of the Taksim Solidarity Group. Once arrested these people were made kept in coaches for […]

No.149 – What next after the NSSN conference?

July 4, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, Reports, Strikes

NSSN e-bulletin 149 – What next after the NSSN conference? At last September’s TUC conference, ‘Motion 5’ from the POA prison officers’ union was overwhelmingly passed. It called on the trade union movement to consider the “practicalities of a general strike” against the ConDems’ austerity offensive. The NSSN organised a lobby of the TUC conference, which saw up to 1000 union activists descend on Brighton to let their views be known about the type of mass co-ordinated strike action that is necessary to force Cameron and co back. Yet almost a year later, that resolution still sits on the TUC […]

NO. 148 Teachers start their fightback – Strike in the North West!

June 26, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, Protest, Reports, Strikes

NSSN E-Bulletin 148   Come to the Seventh NSSN Annual Conference this Saturday! Teachers start their fightback with strike in the North-West RMT re-affirms its commitment for a general strike against austerity! On Thursday 27 June, NUT and NASUWT members across twenty-two local authorities in the North-West of England are being called upon to take region-wide strike action. Strike rallies will be taking place in Manchester, Preston, Chester and Liverpool. Across the rest of England and Wales, teachers are being asked to show their solidarity with the North-West action by wearing stickers, sending in messages and photos of support, and […]