Doncaster Care UK workers on the picket line again

July 29, 2014 in News

On 29 July, Doncaster Care UK workers, members of Unison, began another two weeks of strike action. They have already taken 34 days of strike action between February and May against 35% pay cuts as a result of the privatisation of the Supported Living Service for Adults with Learning Difficulties. Unison has declared a new industrial dispute in support of a pay claim including a ‘living wage’ for all Doncaster Care UK staff. The company have already declared no pay rise whatsoever for this year. Consultative and formal ballots produced yes votes for strike action. The Care UK workers have […]

NSSN 191:10,000 on ‘March for Bob’ – now Unite the Strikes!

May 7, 2014 in Bulletins

The NSSN salutes the magnificent turnout for this year’s London May Day march and rally, where pride of place went to the memory of two great political and industrial leaders – Bob Crow and Tony Benn. The RMT had a national mobilisation to honour the fighting militant legacy of Bob, tragically cut down in his prime. But despite the solemn occasion, RMT members weren’t downbeat. They called out to TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, when she spoke – “We need a general strike!” Unite leader Len McCluskey took account of this mood as did PCS Assistant General secretary Chris Baugh, […]

“Historic” strike by Doncaster Care UK workers

March 6, 2014 in News, Protest, Strikes

“Historic is an over-used word” said Jim Bell, Unison full-time officer, “but it really is historic that Doncaster Care UK workers are striking 30 years on from the beginning of the miners’ strike. Then and now, we face the same type of employers, like the miners we have drawn a line in the sand in the face of a profiteer who thinks they can bully us into submission. Give yourselves and the miners of 84 a massive cheer.” With that the roof came off as 200 strikers and supporters got to their feet at Jim’s fitting introduction to the final […]

Get Planning for November – NSSN Lobby of the TUC

September 12, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, News, Protest, Reports, Strikes, Uncategorized, Video

When we arrived in Bournemouth, I really felt like just getting my shoes off and feeling the sand between my toes and listen to the waves rush towards me.. But me and 8 other members, mostly reps, of our Unite LE1111 branch chose to join the NSSN rally & lobby the TUC for co-ordinated action.(Have a look at the short but excellent video of the indoor rally and outdoor protest, well worth watching & SHARING (Click here to the Video) It’s not that we haven’t got enough to do, but it’s precisely because we have so much on fighting dispute after […]

NSSN EBULLETIN 152 We’d like to celebrate the birth of.. ;)

July 24, 2013 in Appeals, Bulletins, International, News, Reports, Strikes

NSSN EBULLETIN 152 We’d like to celebrate the birth of.. 😉 some more industrial action.. Following a spring of industrial action PCS will be spending the summer months consulting all of its branches on how to take its national campaign forward. In an escalation of the PCS national campaign in support of pay, pensions, jobs, privatisation, terms & conditions & union facility time PCS members were involved in what can only be described (at least metaphorically) as a ‘hot’ spring.  It started with a day of national industrial action on March 20, and continued with further group and national action […]


December 10, 2012 in Reports, Strikes

With confidence high after Saturday’s march and picket, Doncaster Tesco drivers upped the anti today in their dispute with Tesco/Stobarts. At around 10-30am, strikers split into two pickets and blockaded both gates to the distribution depot stopping lorries from coming in or out. Waggons were told “Shut today” and waved on to stack up on the roads around the industrial estate. It took the police around an hour to arrive and during another hour of negotiations nothing moved in or out. Drivers said that for every hour lost getting in, it would take ten hours to catch up in the warehouse! […]

On the first day of Christmas, Tesco gave to me …..THE SACK!”

December 9, 2012 in Appeals, Reports, Strikes

On the first day of Christmas, Tesco gave to me …..THE SACK!” That was the message delivered by Doncaster Tesco drivers on Saturday to customers urging them not to shop at the biggest Tesco store in town. “On the dole for Christmas” is the “present” facing 180 Unite members, recently outsourced by Tesco to Eddie Stobart Ltd (ESL) who now want to sack them all. Stobarts “offer” of other job opportunites are anywhere in the country on at least £2-50 an hour less, an insult to professional drivers, many of whom have worked from the Doncaster depot for over 20 […]

120 – Can they have all the cake & eat it?!

December 6, 2012 in Bulletins, Reports, Strikes

 Bulletin 120 – Can they really have all the cake & eat it? As we face another barrage of cuts from Osborne’s Autumn Statement – a ritualistic exercise in re-cutting the national cake!  The Coalition makes out they’ve got goodies for all – to ease the pain they envisage lasting at least until 2018. The problem is that this year that cake has shrunk. Total wealth (GDP) has actually gone down slightly in 2012; and debt also has not fallen as a share of that smaller cake.  Tory Chancellor Osborne first slices out a huge chunk – because that is […]

Tesco Drivers move to a INDEFINITE Strike 6th Dec!

December 3, 2012 in Reports, Strikes

180 Tesco drivers, members of Unite the union, at the supermarket giant’s distribution hub in Doncaster have announced an indefinite strike from Thursday 6th December, after they voted to reject the latest “completely unsatisfactory” offer to settle the long-running dispute. Having already taken 8 days of strike action, a planned 4-day strike was suspended to allow talks with conciliation service ACAS, but conditions attached to the company’s offer, covering issues from training to sickness leave, would mean substantial cuts to drivers’ redundancy terms and their chances of re-employment. Tesco, not content with £3.8 billion profit last year, transferred their Doncaster […]

Doncaster Drivers go to war with Tesco!

November 10, 2012 in Reports, Strikes

’ve never been on a picket line like it!  An armoured personel carrier and a farmer’s muckspeader blocked the gates to Doncaster Tesco’s depot. Around 150 drivers, members of Unite the union, and their families joined the blockade for photographs as police stopped the traffic and scab deliveries! All were in high spirits as this ‘stunt’ ended another solid three day strike by former Tesco drivers who have been outsourced to Eddie Stobarts (forever now to be known as “Scumbarts”) and face the sack by Christmas. The greedy Tesco bosses, not content with £3.8 billion profit last year, transferred the 186 […]