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NSSN Bulletin No. 99


16 July It's sometimes hard to even know where to begin with these bulletins sometimes, so much goes on and so much is suppressed by the mainstream media & sometimes slowly trying to find its way through the trade union movements. Just today it came out that the top 10% earn more than 500 times more than bottom 10%, but seriously do they even do a fraction of the work? Companies sponsoring the Olympics will NOT be paying the estimated £600million in tax on the profits they make, as new HMRC rules allow for a temporary tax haven, and we know just how skint poor MacDonalds is!

One rule for them and another 400 for us! The 717 PFI contracts agreed, this government, & the last, are worth £54.7 billion but will cost us £300 billion! One example is Walsgrave hospital in Coventry will jump from an initial capital cost of £79 million to an eventual £4 billion. So together we are paying 100's of times over the odds for services that can't maintain the interest rate repayments and are therefore being cut!

So we know we have a job to do as the NSSN, to provide some record of where the money is and challenge the austerity lie. Share some of what is happening in terms of what is being proposed, its effects and importantly, HOW we are responding to it. We might butcher a huge dispute into 50 words and a web link, but hopefully the array of disputes (& wins), will let more people know, a fight against austerity is going on and can stop the cuts! Clearly industrial action & the threat of industrial action is an important weapon in our armoury. But to fight each and every law and injustice is impossible. This is why we believe a national strike against austerity is crucial at this time. So, as it seems not to appear to be voiced or mobilised for, through the TUC as the body that represents over 6 million members we are going to lobby them on September 9th in Brighton.

With the lobby in mind, we thought we'd read 'A lesson in lobbying', (suggested read through the tweeting world by Alex Gordon RMT President) but it just made us more furious! Did you know the City of London spends over £6 million a each year employing lawyers and having the most excessive of 'ceremonies' as part of its public affairs strategy. But even with a few more quid behind us like some more mainstream organizations' & campaign groups, the collusion and corruption of those in government with those in control of business has begun to surface through the Leverson inquiry. it is impossible to rely on the mainstream to record what is actually going on, not what they want us to think is going on.

It is true, we might not be that sophisticated in our words or style, (though we are working on it, did you see the pusha pink?) but then we don't have £6 million. In fact technically we probably don't even have a £6 that isn't going already spent! (The venues in Brighton for our lobby of the TUC might cost us 3 arms & a leg). In comparison, with our guerilla sarnies and unpaid network supporters, the NSSN is financially a bit short! So anything you can contribute, or your union reps, workplace or campaigns, one off donations, standing order etc we would be very grateful! We do want people to come down to the lobby, so don't use that money up but any extras, most welcome!


Northwest NSSN AGM meeting: ‘How can we stop victimisation on sites?’ Given the recent lay offs of Jason Foulton and 18 others from Ratcliffe, this meeting becomes even more vital. Speakers include Steve Acheson & chair Andy Ford. Tuesday 17th July, Warrington Railway Club, WA1 1XR. 7.30pm. .

Thanks to Unite Housing workers and Southwark Trades Council this week for supporting the 9th Sep lobby of the TUC. NSSN letter to union branches and leaflet for lobby of the TUC are available online (or drop us an email if you need some posted.) Also use the FB invite & tweet away.


PENSIONS: LGPS REJECT- NSSN supports rejecting the proposals which do see tiny enhancements but still mean workers will be expected to pay more, work longer and get far, far less!

FBU ESSEX struck again last week and is planning to strike again on 19th July, Aug 18th & October 18th. There will be a rally on the 18th July for all the community to join in and show solidarity in Chelmsford 1pm Admirals Park & Rally at Central Park. . Since 2008 one in five jobs has already been cut in the service and £12million in reserves.

GMB CARILLON workers have public sector contracts valued at more than £15 billion in the UK but seem to think that it does not need to meet the standards of behaviour. 150 GMB members will take part in a further one day stoppage on Sunday 15th July at Carillion at Great Western Hospital in Swindon. This will be the twenty first day of strike action by these workers, because instead of dealing with the evidence of shakedowns and corruption by Carillion managers that their own second investigation found, the company has chosen instead to take disciplinary action against 10 of the whistleblowers.

REMPLOY workers will be striking on Thursday, 19th July, and again the Thursday after, on 26th July. Plus other events, national and regional, being organised over the next weeks. In utter disregard for the public outcry against this shameful decision, the government have announced closure of another 27 factories, effecting another 1,500 workers.

Unite BUSES will have garage ballots over the most recent offer for members next week. It is a increase that is much closer to what workers have demanded and also begun the process of central negotiating across over 15 companies, which is a huge breakthrough.

RMT Central TFL staff will also be taking action, with action short of strike action again on the 15th July. RMT Tyne and Wear Metro cleaners strike again tomorrow for pay justice. More RMT cleaners working on the Carlisle contract on Transpennine Express will strike in a fight over pay and conditions 14th July. .More & RMT rail staff at Thales vote for strike action over pay and conditions.

IWW cleaners will strike tomorrow at John Lewis from 5.30am with a rally at 1pm. Oxford St. London

TSSA Virgin Olympic Strike Ballot of 500 members on the West Coast line for strike action after Virgin Trains fired and then later suspended one of its union reps in the company's head office in Birmingham.

PCS DWP Contact Centre Ballot Result: 89.5% demand better working conditions, 82.0% for further industrial action.

Suspended Labour councillor and Unite EC member Kingsley Abrams is still suspended by the Labour party for voting in the Labour group against cuts over a year ago. The NSSN is firmly supportive of Kingsley and any other councillors who are prepared to campaign and vote against cuts as opposed to accept and implement them.

Housing workers demand that secure tenancies are halted in Lambeth.


Unite members at Portsmouth International Port balloted for industrial action over its decision to dismiss and rehire them on inferior contracts which has created a two-tier workforce at Portsmouth International Port.

Blacklisters face professional abuse charges after the CIPD published a new code of conduct for its members. The blacklist Support group intends to make formal complaints about HR managers including: Gerry Harvey - Director of Human Resources at Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Limited. Elaine Gallagher - Human Resources manager at Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Limited. Liz Keates – Head of Human Resources at Carillion Health. John Edwards – manager at Carillion. David Cochrane – former Head of Human Resources at Sir Robert McAlpine.


Spanish miners black march of 430k arrived into Madrid, to the interior ministry this week met by a shocking level of violence by riot police. The black march came from miners and their families from towns across Spain over the closure of mines. The austerity lie has also seen Central government workers pay cuts by around 7%, with an ongoing freeze, Unemployment benefit cut to 50% of last job as opposed to 60%. UK miners/ex-miners have set up for Spanish miners whose pits are threatened with closure: Contact or 07768 300 148. More

Portugal 2 day strike: Doctors and nurses in Portugal have launched a two-day strike over sweeping cuts in the health budget.


12 July
Unite against police privatisation protest rally 11am West Midlands police HQ, Lloyd Hse, Colmore Circus, Birmingham B4 6NQ

13 July
Picket of the Queens Road office of private provider A4E, infamous for their fraudulent practices. Clock Tower Brighton 11am.
Action for Rail – North West Conference at Mechanics Centre, Manchester

13-15 July
Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival

14 July
Durham Miners Gala

Protest against the coalition - A future for our children! Fair Pensions for all! Defend public services! Called by NUT & NASUWT. Assemble 11.30am from Devonshire Green, Devonshire Street, Sheffield & also Manzil Way, Oxford OX4. Rally 1pm in Broad Street, Oxford OX1. Contact 07967 392229 or Email

Bristol counter EDL protest 11am @ Fountains

16 July
Action for Rail leafleting 7-9am Kings Cross

17 July
North West NSSN AGM & Public meeting: ‘How can we stop victimisation on sites?’ Speakers Steve Acheson. Warrington Railway Club, WA1 1XR. 7.30pm.21st JulyBrighton Trades Council Seminar for local trade unionists on defending facilities time and opposing.

18 July
FBU ESSEX Strike with March & Rally against cuts Admirals Park, Chelmsford (opposite Black Bull, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford CM1 2PN) Rally: 1pm Central Park, Chelmsford

19 July
*Say NO to Massive fare increases *Reject Driver Only Operation*Stop cuts to station staffing. *Oppose ticket office closures*Defend on-train catering facilities *Fight for rail services, safety and jobs. Leafleting of passengers and protest in YORKSHIRE @SHEFFIELD BR between 4.30pm and 6pm. For more information contact Craig Johnston -

20 July
Leafleting against Mcnulty report @Doncaster BR Leafleting of passengers and protest in between 7am and 9am.

21 July
Coryton Protest

23 July
Austerity Games from Youth Fight for Jobs!
Action for Rail leafleting 7-9am Liverpool St, London

28 July
Pentonville 5 and dock dispute of 1972-73 celebration. Isle of Dogs, London

11 August
National Rank & File JIB electricians and construction trades meeting, 2pm-5pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London

31 August
National Hazards conference, Keele University

02 September
Longest strike in British history!

09 September
NSSN lobby of TUC conference: Brighton for 24-hour Strike 1pm

07 October
Protest at Tory party Conference.

20 October
TUC Mass demonstration for growth against austerity

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